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How to get the most from your Maldives holiday

It might seem like a bizarre concept that you could go to the Maldives and not have a fantastic time, but as with any place there are ways of ensuring that you squeeze the most pleasure, fun and enjoyment out of it!

Go big or go home!

The Maldives is not the place to travel to on a tight budget. In fact you are far better off curtailing your holiday in favour of being able to afford a more luxurious locale. Skimping on accommodation in the Maldives would mean missing out on what the islands do best. A Maldives holiday really does cater for luxury travel better than most other places on Earth so it would be foolish not to experience this as fully as possible.

Arrange your transfer

Transfers from the airport to your hotel can end up being a major cost depending on where you choose to stay. It is worth finding this out prior to confirming a hotel reservation in case you could stay somewhere even nicer with the money you could save on a transfer.

Go diving or deep sea fishing

The Maldives offers an almost unparalleled opportunity to get up close and personal with a huge array of underwater species. Whether you choose to dive or fish or maybe only snorkel you will have a fantastic time. You need to budget for some of these activities as deep sea fishing and especially open water fishing for game species can be rather expensive, but we’re talking once in a lifetime experiences here! In terms of diving, the Banana Reef is the place to go. It is a protected marine area of international renown. Its many caves and dramatic cliffs offer amazing photo opportunities and there are a great number of vividly coloured species to look out for!

Pamper yourself

One thing the Maldives does incredibly well is the spa experience, so whether your particular poison (or should that be remedy?!) is a massage, detox, body soak, facial or wrap dedicate an entire day to making yourself feel wonderful and it will be a day to remember when the stresses of daily life back home get overwhelming. At the end of your pamper session what could be better than walking out onto the beach with a glass of champagne and watching the sun set?

Spain has tapas, Maldives has hedihikaa

The food in the Maldives is to die for and those who enjoy eating fish will simply feel like they already died and have arrived in heaven. Hedihikaa refers to snacking or tapas and in the Maldives you will find entire menus dedicated to the art. Pastry is stuffed with all manner of delicious fillings and fish rolls are mouth-watering and moreish. It’s safe to say that in the Maldives you will not go hungry! You can certainly save a bit of money by avoiding eating at the resorts and experience the Maldives local style. This is often the best way to eat and their fresh fish, roti-esque flat bread and rice dishes are an absolute treat.

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