WW1 Somme – Battlefield Tour


£629.00 / Per Person

Walking the Battlefields

  • 5 Days
  • All Year Round
  • France
  • Group Offers Available

For 2023, we have Walking the Somme tour where we visit some key locations on the 1916 battlefield but also look at events on the Somme in 1918, and see where the breakout battles for the Hindenburg Line took place.

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Recommended for: Couples, Honeymoon, Divers, Anniversaries


Walking the Somme Tour Includes

  • 4 nights hotel with continental breakfast
  • Special Battlefield Guide
  • Battlefield visits as described
  • Free local joining points

Key Visits

– Redan Ridge
– Sunken Lane
– Beaumont Hamel
– Hawthorn Ridge
– Thiepval
– St. Pierre Divion

Per person


5 Days£629

Day 1

Local departure by coach, then to our hotel in northern France, where we stay for four nights.

Day 2 - Thiepval & Mash Valley

Walk 1: Our first walk starts at Thiepval, where we see the Thiepval Memorial and walk out to the site of the German front line at the Leipzig Redoubt. We then follow the front line of 1st July 1916, see the Lonsdale Cemetery and walk across The Nab to Ovillers.


Walk 2: Our second walk starts in Mash Valley at Ovillers and follows the front line across to La Boisselle and the Lochnagar Mine Crater.

Day 3 - Mametz Wood & Pozières

Walk 3: Our walks today began as we follow the attack of the 38th (Welsh) Division on
Mametz Wood, seeing the Welsh Dragon Memorial and Flat Iron Copse Cemetery before ending in Bazentin.

Walk 4: In the afternoon we start in the village of Pozières where Australian soldiers fought in July-September 1916, and walk across the battlefield near Mouquet Farm, to Courcelette.

Day 4 - The Somme

Walk 5: Our final walk looks at the fighting on the Somme in March and September 1918, where we walk from Villers-Guislain to Pigeon Ravine, across an area of the Hindenburg Line battlefields. After lunch in St. Quentin, we see some of the 1918 sectors here, including the canal bridge at Ricqueval and the US Cemetery and Memorial at Bony.

Day 5

Return home.

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