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Classic Car Tours in Europe

There are many ways that people can arrange holidays and there is an increased opportunity for people to combine passions and interests with a break. People who have a passion for classic cars will find the range of classic car tours in Europe will provide them with the chance to book a holiday of a lifetime.


For many people, classic car tours of France has to focus on the Alps where the route can be enjoyed whilst driving.

While there is a range of stunning views and trails to look out for in France, there is also a lot of local culture to enjoy. This is why many people appreciate the fine wine and dining classic car tours can offer. This is a tour that can be stretched out over a week, which means that couples can split driving responsibilities, allowing everyone to have days where they can fully enjoy the hospitality on offer.

This route takes in areas like Savoie, Cotes Rotie, Beaujolais, Burgundy and Jura. The names of these destinations alone conjure up images and memories of fine meals and drinks, so this can be a mouth-watering tour. Aside from the social aspect of this tour, there is a chance to see some of the finest towns and driving routes in the country.


There can be fewer finer trips in the world than one which combines the chance to see the stunning lakes of Italy while driving around in a classic car. This is a trip which is based on tradition, allowing travellers to enjoy a taste of what life used to be like.

There are many areas of Italy that have been left untouched by modernisation, allowing people looking for a traditional tour to be well catered for. With a stunning climate, this is a tour that will live long in the memory.


One of the most popular classic car tours in Europe is one that includes a tour of the Spanish Pyrenees. There is an opportunity to tour this range from the Atlantic coast straight through to the Mediterranean coast. There will be plenty of stopping points along the way, allowing people to enjoy the hospitality


Another classic car tour experience in Europe can be found in Ireland, with a range of tours available to allow travellers to see the very best of the Emerald Isle. There is a strong diversity between the major towns and rural areas of Ireland, allowing for plenty of exploring and adventure opportunities.

Many people consider Irish hospitality to be amongst the finest in the world so people looking to see lush greenery, rugged mountains, brisk coastlines and having the chance to socialise with friendly locals, Ireland is likely to be an excellent destination to travel around in a classic car.

Switzerland is another destination that provides an opportunity to explore, and this area can be combined with some of the other mainland European classic car tours. Anyone who loves cars and who is looking for a trip that offers adventure, excitement and the chance to socialise will find that this could be their ideal break.

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