Best of Sri Lanka & Maldives/Dubai


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See the Best of Sri Lanka along with either a cruise to see the beautiful Maldives or a visit to Dubai

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Best of Sri Lanka & Maldives/Dubai

In the Indian ocean, south of India lies Sri Lanka. Perhaps the slightly less travelled roots of Southern Asia.

The idyllic Buddhist island resembles a place time forgot where cows roam the ands, ancient monuments and temples are to be found almost everywhere, and rugged landscapes is home to a wonderfully diverse range of animals, especially the elephants.

Great explorers were enticed by the lush greenery, the fragrant spices and its tropical lifestyle. Some wrote chapters about it, some wrote books, and some never left after falling in love with the island and its many hidden treasures. 2000 years of cultural history is recorded at ancient sites and temples some of which are now listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The recent past includes the rule of the Dutch and British over this sovereign island later gaining independence in 1948.

Today it’s famous for its delicious tea, turquoise beaches, exotic wildlife, ancient monuments, and many more. An island so small, yet so unexpectedly diverse from every point of view.



Sri Lanka is an out of this world tropical island which is blessed with an exciting piece of everything possible on earth. Escape to a paradise on earth where you can trot along the golden sands sipping a fresh king-coconut, safari through the lush jungle to see mighty elephants and elusive leopards and perfect your golf swing on a stunning green golf course.

This is an outdoor paradise somewhere to totally escape and fall completely off the grid. Buses, tuk-tuks and mopeds all noisily hurtling along the busy streets. Once known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka was a country that Sri Lanka is a country whose Buddhist past is as prevalent today as it was thousands of years ago. So, with such a lengthy heritage there’s a great array of temples, ancient monasteries and monuments to explore, both in the town and hidden away in the islands’ dense forests.

Here you’ll find local artists taking their inspiration from Sri Lanka’s wildlife. Sri Lankan craftsmanship has a long and vibrant history. Over the centuries the islanders have produced everything from lace work, elaborate metal works & carvings in wood. Buddha’s Hindu Gods, traditional Sri Lankan masks and elephants are among the most popular carvings.

The people in Sri Lanka are what makes this wonderful island what it is.

Maldives / Dubai

Choose between a 7/14 night Cruise in the Maldives or 3+ nights in a Dubai Hotel to add to your holiday!

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Weather & Best time to visit

The weather in Sri Lanka is dictated by two monsoon seasons which bring rain to the west and south-west coasts from May to September: and the east coast and northern region between October and February. The rest of the year is sunny and dry. Temperatures are constant year-round, with coastal regions enjoying average temperatures of 25-30C and the highlands 15-18C on average.

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination since there is something for every discerning traveler. From pilgrim experiences to adventure, culture, honeymoon, or even special interest experiences, there is something you can do in Sri Lanka anytime of the year. With recent weather pattern changes, it is hard to predict when it would rain and when the sun is out, however, making a note that Sri Lanka is a tropical destination and rain is to be expected anytime of the day, any time of the year; always helps.

Our recommended best time of the year to travel is between November to April. However, its best to keep in mind that this period is also quite expensive to travel as the European winters and the festive year end generally attracts a lot of travelers to Sri Lanka.


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Sri Lanka & 7 nights Maldives Cruise



Sri Lanka & 3 nights in Dubai



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Day 1: Airport - Negombo

Arrive at Colombo International Airport. Here, you will be meet a designated guide. After the formalities at the Airport, you will be escorted to your air-conditioned vehicle and proceed to Negombo.


Leisure at the beach resort


Dinner & Overnight Stay in Negombo


Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Negombo - Pinnawela - Dambulla

After breakfast checkout from the hotel & proceed to Dambulla / Sigiriya Enroute visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.


Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage: About 90 KM from Colombo towards Kandy is the home to some 100 or more elephant orphans. A place you will really enjoy and never forget. Most orphans are accustomed to their curious human visitors and are harmless. The Orphanage is open from 8.30am to 5.45pm and visitors can interact a little with the elephants during the regulated bathing and feeding times. You can watch them feeding at 9.15 am, 1.15 and 5.00 pm. Bath times are from 10 am until 12 noon and from 2 until 4 pm.


One completion, proceed to Dambulla & visit Dambulla Cave Temple.


The Dambulla temple has five caves and 157 statues of the Lord Buddha, many paintings on the ceilings and walls that emphasis the artistic talent of ancient days. The history of the caves, rock and temple dates from the 1st century BC. The fascination of these caves is not only the statues but also the many intricate and delicate paintings that cover the ceiling and walls, created with indigenous traditional paints. Because of the history, archaeological and artistic implications, the premises were declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1991. The temple has been in use for over 22 centuries and still holds a sense of benevolence and spirituality.


On completion, check into the hotel and relax


Dinner & Overnight Stay in Dambulla / Sigiriya


Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 3: Dambulla - Sigiriya - Polonnaruwa - Dambulla

After breakfast check out from the hotel & proceed to Sigiriya.


Sigiriya Rock Fortress: Called by many names including “The Lion Rock” for its initial name of “Sinhagiri”, Sigiriya is near the town of Dambulla and is a colossal column of rock nearly 200m high. It was a royal citadel for 18 years (477-495) when it was fortified by King Kasyapa. The architectural and irrigational technologies of Sigiriya, such as the Water Gardens, still baffle engineers. The climb up steep steps of metal with railings passes a wall decorated with frescoes of bare-breasted women. Art experts consider them unique.


One completion proceeds to Polonnaruwa.


Enter the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa. Kings ruled the central plains of Sri Lanka from Polonnaruwa 800 years ago, when it was a thriving commercial and religious center. The glories of that age can be found in the archaeological treasures that still give a pretty good idea of how the city looked in its heyday. You'll find the archaeological park a delight to explore, with hundreds of ancient structures – tombs and temples, statues and stupas – in a compact core. The Quadrangle alone is worth the trip.


On completion, check into the hotel and relax Dinner & Overnight Stay in Dambulla / Sigiriya


Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 4: Dambulla - Kandy

After breakfast check out from the hotel & proceed to Kandy.


Enroute visit Matale Spice Garden.


Spice Garden: See why Sri Lanka became a globally popular country for its herbs and spices. The environment possesses excellent conditions for growing cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, peppercorn, and other flavorful delights. Learn about the process of growing these natural products using ecologically friendly methods. At the end of your visit, stop in the souvenir shop to purchase some exotic spices from the source. The attraction offers free transport wherever needed between the city and the estate. Note that the law strictly forbids harming cinnamon trees.


Continue to Kandy.


On arrival in Kandy, start the city tour by visiting the Temple Tooth Relic


The Temple of the Sacred Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) was originally built by the Kandyan Kings in 1595, to house and honor the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha. Attracting crowds of white-clad pilgrims bearing lotus flowers for means of worship, the Maligawa features a myriad of intricate carvings that speak volumes of the architectural values of Kandy. Today the City of Kandy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in part because of the Temple of the tooth relic.


Sightseeing in *Kandy, including Upper Lake Drive, Market Crafts Centre, Gem Museum. Kandy the hill capital, venue of the annual Perahera the last stronghold of the Sinhala Kings was finally ceded to the British in 1815.


Later evening witnesses a Unique Cultural Dance Performance at 05.30 P.M.


The Kandy Cultural Show gives an opportunity to experience some of the traditions of Sri Lanka. Enjoy this hour-long extravaganza as some of the most popular art forms of the island take to the stage. Be wowed by fire dancers and sword dancers. Watch the colorful Kandyan dancers take to the air to the thrumming primal beat of the drums.


On completion, check into the hotel and relax


Dinner & Overnight Stay in Kandy


Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 5: Kandy - Nuwara Eliya

After breakfast checkout from the Hotel. Proceed to Nuwara Eliya. En route visit the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden.


Royal Botanical Garden: Home to over 4000 species of plants including an extensive collection of colorful orchids, medicinal plants, spices, palm trees and more, these gardens annually attract nearly 2 million visitors. Greatly contributing towards aspects such as floriculture, butterfly and birdlife conservation and concentrating on the sustainability and biodiversity of the island, Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is truly a paradise of tropical greenery, with an abundance of bamboos, lianas and lofty trees to wander amongst.


One completion, proceed to Nuwara Eliya.


The production of tea involves a tedious procedure of plucking, withering, rolling, oxidizing and drying – a process that requires heavy machines and plenty of manpower. Once in the tea factory, you would generally start out in the plantation itself to learn about how tea is cultivated, then visit the factory where ancient machines pre-dating the industrial revolution wither, roll and dry the tea. There is normally a little time at the end of the tour for a tea tasting, either of one specific type of tea or occasionally of the various specialties of that factory.


Later explore the City of Nuwara Eliya.


Visit the highland city that was the premium holiday resort town of the British in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Enjoy walking through the streets with their pretty little cottages, quaint villas and beautiful mansions. Make a memory in the old, red-bricked post office as you purchase a postcard to take home or send to your friends. Relax at Queen Victoria Park and on the shores of Lake Gregory.


On completion, check into the hotel and relax


Dinner & Overnight Stay in Nuwara Eliya


Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 6: Nuwara Eliya - Yala

After breakfast checkout from the Hotel. Proceed to Yala.


En-route visit * RAWANA FALLS * A nice waterfall of 90m altitude close to the road from Ella to Wellawaya about 6km south from Ela. The stream, a tributary of Kirindi Oya plunges with a foaming spray over a series of ledges into the vally close to a road bend. The waters rise from Wewatenns highland above the rocks (1050m NN). In general, the rocky underground of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka consists of hard gneiss or granite, but here the metetiel is khondalite, a kind of limestone which undergoes decay faster. Thus, there are caves near the falls. Rawana of Ramayanma legend is said to have lived none of the caves above the waterfalls.


Afternoon 15.00hrs do Jeep Safari at Yala National Park


Yala is Sri Lankas most famous national park. Forming a total area of 1268 sq. km of scrub, light forest, grassy plains and brackish lagoons, it’s very rich in wildlife and you’re virtually certain to encounter elephants, crocodiles, buffaloes and monkeys. The highlight of a successful safari in Yala is the sight of the Sri Lankan Leopard: very elusive yet such a majestic sight. Morning safari goers have a better chance in getting a glimpse of the leopards as they come out to go in search of water and food.


On completion, return to the hotel and relax


Dinner & Overnight Stay in Yala


Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day 7: Yala - Galle - Colombo

After breakfast checkout from the Hotel. Proceed to Galle.


Galle is a historical jewel to Sri Lanka wonderful to explore on foot. Among the endlessly exotic old trading port blessed with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques and churches, grand mansions and museums the ancient Dutch fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts the hearts of tourists. Stroll around the ancient city where you will find a gourmet of fancy restaurants and coffee shop to chill and relax. The beach side is surely a bliss which will make you want to lock yourself up in this sun kissed island and indulge in the sea breeze and endless blue waters.


Go on a walk in the Galle Fort. session covers colonial History, its effect on our Sri Lankan people, the comedy that surrounds colonization, detailed insights on the history of the fort and how it has evolved to be the living site it is, a brief brush with craft and trade and all this end with the perfect sundowner inside the fort. Afterwards proceeds to Colombo via southern expressway. On arrival, do a Colombo city tour and do some last-minute shopping (if interested).


Dinner & Overnight Stay in Colombo


Meals: Breakfast

Day 8: Colombo - End

After breakfast departure to your next destination


7/14 night Maldives Cruise


3+ nights in Dubai

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