Yasawa Princess Cruise, The Maldives


£2,718.00 / Per Person (Based on 2 sharing)

Cruise the beautiful Maldives aboard the Yasawa Princess.

  • 7 / 14 Nights
  • All year round
  • Maldives

Cruise the Maldives

The Yasawa Princess offers a selection of fun activities for you to enjoy, from diving, snorkeling and swimming, visiting its many inhabited and uninhabited islands or just relaxing on the sundeck and enjoying the beautiful Indian Ocean. Cruising the Maldives on board the Yasawa Princess will leave you with the greatest of memories, and an overwhelming desire to return again and again.

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Recommended for: Couples, Honeymoon, Solo-Travelers, Anniversaries

MV Yasawa Princess

Explore the Maldives islands

The Maldives has deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees. It is also a place full of character, where its people have long spent their days languishing in the very essence of idyll living. While it is the perfect place to sit on a beach and watch a sunset with a cocktail balanced on your hand, it is also a geographical marvel, knowing that there are thousands of fish swimming around the vivid corals just a few feet away from where you sit.

Ship Layout


Excellent accommodation and dining facilities

All cabins are non-smoking and air-conditioned, spread over three decks. They are all compact and simply furnished with double beds, or two single, with wooden accented furniture, en suite shower / WC / wet area, hairdryer, safe and 240V power outlet. Food is served in the cosy informal dining area offering delicious, buffet style meals. Maldivian Dishes are available on request. The bar serves an extensive list of drinks to choose from, with premium imported brands are available at a small supplement for all-inclusive passengers.

The Yasawa Princess is great for divers of all experience levels

Yasawa Princess offers you a unique opportunity to experience the marvels of the underwater coral gardens of the Maldives through scuba diving. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, we have dive packages and courses to suit your needs. We offer personalized services and our experienced dive masters and dive instructors ensure a professional service. Unlike most of the vessels operated in the Maldives, you dive when you want.

Yasawa Princess is the ideal choice if you have a non-diving partner.

Yasawa Princess has a fully qualified and equipped diving school on board – operated by Deep Blue Dive Center. Due to the popularity of the diving holidays aboard the Yasawa Princess, we have alloacted weeks especially for the diving experience. If you are more interested in the leisure experience then this will not affect you however the route of the ship may differ slightly.

  • Snorkeling
    Snorkeling in the Maldives is amazing, and sometimes you can see just as much as if you were diving!
  • Big Game Fishing:
    Seven or fourteen days in paradise with plenty of excellent fishing available.
  • and many more!

Yasawa Princess Prices (Cruise Only)

Early Bird 10% Discount - Sail from 05/12/2022 - 24/04/2023 (All Inclusive)

Price for two passengers sharing

Lower Main Deck

7 Nights£2,718
14 Nights£5,436

A Deck

7 Nights£3,033
14 Nights£6,066

Bridge Deck

7 Nights£3,591
14 Nights£7,182



Price for single passenger

Lower Main Deck

7 Nights £1,690
14 Nights £3,381

A Deck

7 Nights £1,894
14 Nights £3,788

Bridge Deck

7 Nights £2,235
14 Nights £4,470

All the above are cruise only prices, please contact us for flight and package prices.

Price includes 10% Early Bird Discount

For all 7 night cruises an additional domestic flight will cost £155 per person (one way Maamigili)

Yasawa Princess Itinerary

Day 1 - Monday

Anchorage: Male

Welcome to the Maldives, Yasawa Princess will be anchored just off of Villigili, a convenient 20 minutes boat ride from Male International Airport. Our Guest Relations Officer (GRO) will greet you on arrival and assist you to the boat’s private tender for your transfer. On arrival to the boat we will help get you checked into your cabin and provide a welcome briefing including Safety procedures and introduction to your Yasawa Princess cruise experience. On this informal session you will meet guests onboard, the dive team and the crew members who will assist you throughout your cruising holiday. Followed by a pre-dinner cocktail on the Bar/Restaurant deck and watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Day 2 - Tuesday

Depart from Male’
Anchorage and cross Vaadhoo Channel to South Male’ Atoll.

Morning and afternoon visit the beautiful Sand Bank (Kalhuhuraa), where you can relax and soak up the sun, take a dip in the warm Indian Ocean. *Beach Umbrellas will be placed on the sandbank for some shade.


Diving : Vaagali Caves & Vaagali Thila

Vaagali Caves – Easy Divesite as a start located outside the picnic island Vaagali. Some Overhangs along the wall, lot of schooling fish and Napoleons, Whitetips and Stingrays can be spotted.
Vaagali Thila – Large Pinnacle in Vaagali Chanel, with beautiful coral and fish life. With incoming current there is a good possibility of sighting Schooling sharks cruising in the current.

Day 3 - Wednesday

Short Cruise within the atoll to Rannalhi.

Morning and afternoon visit to the Resort island Rannali, a small boutique resort island located on the western edge of South Male’ Atoll. Easy access for the surrounding reef for snorkeling. Spa and Other facilities can be booked directly on the resort.
Night Fishing Trip will be organized by the crew from 1730 Hrs – 1930 Hrs. Traditional Hand Line will be used.
*if there is more than 15 people an Additional Night Fishing trip will be organized during the week


Diving: Guraidhoo Corner & Villivaru Giri

Guraidhoo Corner – one of the best dive sites in south male’ atoll for its reef formation & Fish Life. With current coming into the atoll you will see Grey Reefs, White Tipped Reef Sharks, Schooling Eagle Rays and Dog Tooth Tuna’s Passing By.
Villivaru Giri – small pinnacle inside the atoll with lots of fish and beautiful over-hangs. Good site for smaller special things like Frog Fish, Ghost pipefish, and many more.

Day 4 - Thursday

Early Morning Cross the channel into Vaavu Felidu Atoll to reach Alimatha Sandbank (Approx 5 Hrs)

Located on the Eastern Edge of the Atoll. A big turquoise lagoon surrounds this sand bar and an attractive reef to snorkel.
Morning and afternoon will be spent on this sandbank. Lunch will be served on the boat. Sun Umbrellas will be placed for shade if the conditions are favorable.
Optional: Night Snorkeling Session on Alimatha Resort House Reef, this excursion has been one of the favorites among our guests. Huge Nurse Sharks, Sting Rays & Travallys can be spotted throughout this experience. Chargeable USD 15.00 incl. GST


Diving: Miyaru kandu & Devana Kandu

Miyaru kandu – Channel Dive, where you cross the channel from one side to the other looking out for larger pelagic’s like Sharks and Eagle rays passing by.
Devana kandu – Narrow Channel with a reef in the middle. Ideal for Big Fish, like sharks, Napoleon and Eagle Rays. Turtles can be also sighted on the shallower part of the dive.

Day 5 - Friday

Leisurely Cruise in the morning to Anbaraa

Anbaraa, Small picnic island located on the northwestern side of Vaavu Atoll. Easy access to the reef for snorkelers.
Evening BBQ – our crew will set up for dinner under the stars on the beach. This is probably one of the favourite and most memorable evenings of our cruise. Our chefs will prepare a Maldivian beach BBQ, with drinks and music, whilst we enjoy the amazing beauty and a spot of stargazing.


Diving: Rakeedhoo Kandu

Rakeedhoo Kandu – Corner of Rakeedhoo channel offers weel grown hard coral and overhangs, covered with soft corals on the roof. Bigger Pelagic fish can be spotted with the incoming current.

Day 6 - Saturday

Early Morning Cross the channel to South Ari Atoll (Approx 6Hrs)

Oshagali Finolhu –
Tender will be ready as soon as we reach this sandbank in south ari atoll. Reef surrounding the sandbank has a lot of healthy hardcorals, snorkelers love this reef. Lunch will be served on the boat and will return to the sandbank in the afternoon.
Night Fishing Trip will be organized by the crew from 1730 Hrs – 1930 Hrs. Traditional Hand Line will be used.


Diving: Kuda Rah Thila & Hudhu Thila

Kuda Rah Thila – Protected dive site, small pinnacle starting top reef at around 16m with soft corals and overhangs. Thousands of Blue Stripped Snappers can be found at the top of this reef.
Machafushi Wreck – Only Wreck in the region, a purposely sunk, small cargo freighter. Lots of Coral Has grown on top of the making it a healthy artificial reef. Lots of glassfish inside crevices, lionfish, scorpion and stonefishes can be spotted.

Day 7 - Sunday

Short Cruise from Oshagali to Ariadhoo

Ariadhoo –
An agricultural Island with lot of plantation. Excess to a sand stretch to relax, easy excess to the ocean for swimming and snorkeling.
Optional: Whale shark excursion, guests will go out on the dive dhoni in search of these gentle giants. This region in the Maldives has the highest probability in finding the Whale Shark. (Chargeable USD15 incl. GST)
Local Island Visit late afternoon to Maamagili to wander through experiencing the local lifestyle and it is a good opportunity to do some shopping for souve-nirs for the loved ones.


Diving: Maamagili Corner / Kudadhoo Beyru

Both dive sites are outside of the atoll easy wall dives with the chance of spotting a whale shark.

Day 8 - Monday

The boat will be anchored off Maamagili Domestic Airport for mid cruise Arrivals / Departures.

At Least one excursion will be provided to the guests staying onboard for the following week.

Day 9 - Tuesday

Short Cruise North West inside the Atoll to Hurasdhoo

Hurasdhoo, a small deserted island with white sandy beach surrounding the is-land. Nice House reef for avid snorkeler. Beach Umbrellas will be placed if the conditions are favorable.
Optional: Manta Ray excursion, guests will go out to Rangali Madivaru, a manta ray cleaning station. Peak Season (January – April) (chargeable USD15 incl GST)
Night Fishing – Tonight’s fishing trip is targeted for reef fish with traditional Hand line bottom fishing technique. Whilst we encourage the practice of “catch and release” and sustainable fishing practices, we are also happy to help out and take back a fish for dinner.


Diving: Angaga Thila & Aiyabe Thila

Angaga Thila – Small pinnacle with a top reef of 6-8 Meters. Turtles feed the corals on the top reef while sharks cruises in the current. Can circle around the pinnacle.
Aiyabe Thila – 100m Long Pinnacle, we only dive one side of this pinnacle, a large overhang covers the edge of the reef with beautiful hard and soft corals. Sharks can be spotted if there is a drift.

Day 10 - Wednesday


Small deserted island on the western edge of the atoll, with few plantation and a long strech of white sandy beach.
Morning and afternoon excursions are arranged, and if conditions are favour-able Beach Umbrellas are placed for shade on the beach. Housereef of the island is good for snorkelling, with a bit of luck who might find turtles or Eagle rays passing by.
Night Fishing Trip will be organized by the crew from 1730 Hrs – 1930 Hrs. Tra-ditional Hand Line will be used.


Diving: Moofushi Kandu & Embudu Thila

Moofushi Kandu – A Channel dive with a Manta Cleaning Station. Lots of fish Life, with incoming current Grey Greef Sharks, White Tips, Eagle rays can be spotted infront of the channel.
Embudu Thila – Small pinnacle with a shallow top reef of 5-6 meters, healthy coral all around the pinnacle home for many reef Fishes.

Day 11 - Thursday


Picnic island with a natural harbor. The reef surrounding the island has an enclosed lagoon with 2 narrow channels for vessels to enter. This island has a long white sandy beach on one end. Snorkelers can easily swim from the beach to deeper water.
Full Day will be spent on the Island, Picnic Lunch will be prepared by our Chefs. Guests will be taken back to the boat at 1600Hrs. and will returnto the island at 1900Hrs for the BBQ Evening. Music and Entertainment after Dinner.


Diving: Dega Thila & Miyaru Gaa Thila

Dega Thila – A Macro fans dream, 2 coral formations separated from the main reef is full with soft corals and schooling fish. Leaf Fishes & Ghost Pipe fishes can be spotted with some luck
Miyaru Gaa Thila – Small pinnacle with a top reef of 5-6 meters, ideal to dive slow looking for octopuses, scorpion and lionfish. Sharks and Sting rays can be found resting on the bottom.

Day 12 - Friday

Alikoi Rah

Sand bank located in the centre of Ari Atoll, Surrounding a well grown reef. Snorkelers love this house reef as there is lot of fish and turtles and rays can be spotted with some luck. Morning and afternoon excursions arranged to this sand bank.
Sunset Cruise to Maaya Sand Bank.


Diving: Fish Head / Kandu Thila

Fish Head – underwater pinnacle. Thrilling Overhangs and abundance of Fish Life. One of the best in the region
Kandu Thila – Narrow submerged reef located inside a very wide channel. Expect to see White Tip and Grey Reef Sharks and Napoleon Wrasse

Day 13 - Saturday

Maayafushi Sandbank

A large sand bank located at the northern edge of ari atoll. Flocks of common Seabirds can be found on this sand bar. Reef with lots of nice coral and fish for snorkeling. Sun Umbrellas will be setup if the conditions are favorable.


Maaya Thila / Bathalaa Maaga Kan

Maaya Thila – one of the most famous night dive site in the Maldives, Sharks and sting rays hunt at this site at night.
Bathala Maagaa Kan – an extension of the reef sloping down inside a channel, with large pelagics crossing the channel.

Day 14 - Sunday

Cross Alihuras Kandu, head back to Male

Last Swim, for a final swim in the warm indian ocean we will stop at a sand bar on our way back to Male’. the journey from North Ari Atoll to Male’ will take around 4-5Hrs. Once we reach Male’ our dhoni will be ready to take you to Male’ the capital of Maldives, you can visit the local & Fish market, wander around and have an ice cream or do some shopping for souvenirs.

Day 15 - Monday

End of a 2 week Cruise, a nice relaxing breakfast overlooking the Indian Ocean before we arrange your transfer for departure to the airport. Guests staying on-board for the following cruise can enjoy a day of relaxation.
Optional Excursions can be arranged on Request basis and depends on Avail-ability.

Itinerary Terms & Conditions

• Itineraries are subjected to change depending on Weather Conditions, Island availability and at the discretion of the Captain.
• If an island is unavailable under any circumstance, we will provide an alternative with similar activities.
• BBQ will be arranged on the island depending on the weather, if not events for BBQ night will be moved to the boat, along with music.
• Itineraries will be briefed at Dinner Time for the following day.
• Chargeable Excursions will be billed to your room and settled at the time of check-out.
• There are no Islands / Sand Banks near Male’ that we could visit on Arrival /Departure Day.

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