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Why choose a beach wedding in Sri Lanka

First of all, there are many people who consider a foreign holiday to be the best solution for their needs. The cost of arranging a wedding at home, and then the associated celebrations, can be extremely expensive. If you think that you’d rather spend this sort of money on a major holiday, having a beach wedding in a destination like Sri Lanka is exactly what you need.

One of the most popular wedding destinations in Sri Lanka is Bentota. You can be wed on the edge of the Indian Ocean while standing in golden sand. Any couple that is looking for a destination wedding that will allow them to look back with

Sri Lankan weddings can be arranged to suit your needs

There is also flexibility when you book a wedding in this area. You can have an intimate wedding that offers a simple and charming way to express your love or you can enjoy the huge spectacle is a traditional Sri Lankan beach wedding. This is a hugely energetic and vibrant experience with a number of rituals and rites. This style of wedding also provides the presence of an elephant, something that many couples will be drawn to. Whatever style of wedding you want to enjoy and celebrate, Sri Lanka can meet your needs.

A good reason to consider Sri Lanka as a destination for a beach wedding is the wide range of accommodation found on the island. Even if you are planning a beach holiday to minimise the number of guests you have to consider, you may still need to ensure that close friends and family are able to enjoy your happy occasion. With this in mind, a destination which offers villas, highly regarded hotels, bungalows, boutique options, guest houses and a range of rented apartments should ensure that everyone is able to find affordable and suitable accommodation for the travelling party.

Wedding planners in Sri Lanka are highly experienced

You can also be confident that the wedding will be planned and performed to the highest possible standard. Sri Lanka has developed an excellent reputation for hosting weddings, which means that the staff involved with the process can make the special day run clockwork. If you’re looking for a destination that takes the stress and hassle out of a destination wedding, Sri Lanka is the perfect location.

While the fact that there is two separate monsoon seasons in Sri Lanka sounds off-putting, this actually means you can enjoy great weather all year round, as long as you plan where you are going to be. If you are looking to visit the west or south of Sri Lanka, you are best to do so in the period between December and March. If you are looking to be based on the east coast, you should book between April or May and September. This means whenever you plan on having your wedding, there will be a time of year that is better suited for you.

If you are looking for the ideal destination for a wedding or a luxury holiday Sri Lanka is going to be an option that provides you with a dream day and trip.

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