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Why choose a beach wedding in Sri Lanka

First of all, there are many people who consider a foreign holiday to be the best solution for their needs. The cost of arranging a wedding at home, and then the associated celebrations, can be extremely expensive. If you think that you’d rather spend this sort of money on a major holiday, having a beach…
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Getting Married Abroad FAQ’s

With 10 years experience of organising Weddings abroad we are able to recognise some of the most Frequently Ask Questions that the couples need to know in order for them to make a decision if this is what they want to do. Here are the answers to some of these questions. (more…)
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Lapland Weddings

Lapland Weddings, Have a Real White Wedding! If your looking a white wedding, Lapland is definitely the place to go to make your dreams come true on your special day. The Arctic Circle offers a fairy-tale setting, stunning pine forests and crisp white snow under the twinkling North Star. You can even take a ride on…
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