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  • January 29, 2019

Top holiday destinations for 2016

Top holiday destinations for 2016

Now that the Christmas holidays are slowly but surely fading into the hazy realms of memory and the winter blues are well and truly setting in, now is just the time to begin thinking about this year’s next great escape – the summer holidayEach year, as surely as the Earth turns, new destinations become gain popularity and credibility while others slink back into the tourism shadows. This article looks at the top destinations for 2016.

Sri Lanka and Maldives

Sri Lanka’s geographical location makes it an ideal place to combine with the magical Maldives islands, making a truly unbeatable multi-centre holiday. There is simply a breath-taking array of possibilities for your Sri Lanka Holiday experience, from exploring the electric south-west coast of Sri Lanka, to soaking up the myriad colours and vibrancy of the country’s heart, and tracking down the plethora of wildlife species in the majestic Yala National Park. Of course, if the idea of a ‘part two’ to your holiday in the Maldives still leaves you thirsty for more beaches, then Sri Lanka has some spectacular ones from which to choose.

If you are thinking of getting married abroad then a Sri Lanka Beach Wedding is surely something you must consider. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and exotic islands in the world.

As for the Maldives, it really is paradise on Earth. Banished are those crowded beaches with sunbeds and people as far as the eye can see. Banished are the irritating sellers and would be massagers that plague a great many beach destination. Picture this. You with your feet in the sand, the tickle of the sea reaching your toes as the waves gently roll in. The sun blessing you with its charms and the sweet call of the birds emanating from the palms. The people are calm, sweet and serene (who wouldn’t be, living in such a place), the diving, snorkelling and fishing are off the charts and the food sumptuous. The Yasawa Princess is a cruise boat that offers all of these things and more.

Over 55s become more intrepid

According to research, ABTA’s Travel Trends Report 2016 indicates an increased preference for adventure among the over 55 age bracket. This could work nicely in tandem with Peru becoming an emerging holiday destination for the more adventurous traveller as the ancient Incan trail based around Machu Picchu combined with the lure of the jungle offers a heady mix.

Iceland – not only a great place to live…

As well as routinely scoring very high in the ‘best countries in the world to live in’ polls, Iceland offers magical possibilities for tourists, from whale watching to hiking, glaciers, geysers, lava fields and an unrivalled possibility to experience the Northern Lights in all their splendour, Iceland has the lot. If you can get to Iceland, the land of the midnight sun, in mid-June, you’ll get to experience 24 hours of daylight and even through to mid-August, there is only a scant 2-3 hours of darkness. This means that the vibrant city of Reykjavik is hustling and bustling 24 hours a day and out in the wilds, the night owls among you can also experience such unusual activities as fly fishing through the night!

Western Med – the renaissance?

2016 could also be the year of the return to popularity of holidaying in the western Mediterranean, with cruise options aplenty including cruises to the Adriatic and Spain once more becoming a destination of great import. One major reason for this is the favourable exchange rate against the Euro for UK visitors and those from other countries outside the EU. Spain has an incredible cuisine to discover, with tapas culture offering the possibility of eating tasty food on a very tight budget. Cheap flights, an excellent climate and good infrastructure also influence decisions weighted towards the western Mediterranean and with the economy still recovering in most countries, the likes of Spain can reap the benefits of austerity.

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