My cruise to the Norwegian Fjords

Sunday 5 May.

After getting caught in the M25 closure yesterday and the panic to get to the ship before it sailed, its a great relaxing day today. Its even warm and sunny enough to sun bathe on the deck. Ship is great, plenty of food and drink, what more can you ask for!. Came last in the quiz but that’s not new.

Monday 6 May.We spent the day in Bergen, did a tour and then went up on the funicular railway. Went up 300 meters in just 8 minutes. Took some good pictures but am unable to post them because the play book battery has gone flat and will not charge. Will get some pictures up when I get home.

Tuesday 7 May. Just returned from Flam, beautiful place with loads of waterfalls. Had to Tender in from the ship.

Got an invitation to have lunch with the Captain on Thursday but he will not be shaking hands with anyone in order not to spread infections. Is this Health and Safety gone mad or what?

I don’t think I want to meet him if he does not want to shake my hand.

Quite a poor evening of entertainment, ended up watching the film Zero Dark Thirty. Not my type of movie and they only had salted popcorn.

I won $40 in the Casino.

Wednesday 8 May. Docked in Alesund at around 7.30am, I was still in bed. Got breakfast around 11 am and then took a tour in one of these hop on hop buses, this is a beautiful place with some wonderful scenery. It is a really warm sunny day and people are walking around in shorts and T shirts, we even did a bit of sun bathing on deck11! Completely different from yesterday.

This is a great place for outdoor activities, activities offered include Kayaking Bike riding,skiing in winter, fishing, Hiking and a lot more.

Sadly not enough time for me to do any of these, I am getting too old for this activity anyway.

Its an early sailing day today and we have just left Alesund and set sail for our next port.

Thursday 9 May.

Today we are in Eidfjord. It is a beautiful place with some great waterfalls and wonderful walks along the rivers and into the hills.

It is warm and sunny and we were able to sit out in the sunshine and have a coffee and a hot dog.

It is Ascension Day  today, a national holiday in Norway.

It was only a short visit and we set sail at 2.30 pm. By that time the weather had changed, it had got much colder and the sunshine had gone. It was too cold to be on the open decks.

We are having our evening meal in the Pinnacle Restaurant today which will nice but I will have to get dressed up.

Sadly we are now on our way home, a full day at sea and we will be in Dover early Saturday.

Friday 10 May.

Had a late start today, got up in time to attend Lunch with the Captain. Was a very nice lunch with Champagne provided.

After lunch went and spent some time in the Hot Tub and the Sauna. After that went back to the stateroom and did some packing.

Went for an early Dinner in the Pinnacle, a specialty restaurant had a wonderful piece of Rainbow Trout with all the trimmings, finished with an Irish coffee.

Completed the packing and will shortly be off to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Will be leaving the ship by 9 am tomorrow to start our journey home.

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