Cruise ship log

MS Ryndam-Holland America Cruise Line.

Now that my cruise has been completed, some information on the Ship.

Engine System. 5 diesel generators 3 x 5760 pk & 2 x 864 pk

Total power 34,560pk

Propulsion. 2 x ABB propulsion electric motors. 2 x 12 MW

Total power: 24,000 pk

Fuel Consumption. Diesel generators 100 ton/day

Water Production. Drink water consumption 400 ton/day

Potable water consumption 432 ton/day

Tonnage. 55.819 ton. Length 219.4 meters. Width. 30.80 meters

Passengers 1260. Personnel. 570.  Max. Speed 21 knots

Total distance Dover to Dover 1818 nm.

1 nautical mile equals 1.15 statute miles or 1.85 kilometres.

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