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  • January 29, 2019

Borneo adventure holidays

Borneo adventure holidays

The island of Borneo welcomes travelers with a wide range of enticing areas, destinations and activities. You may think that this style of island is best for relaxing and lazing around in great comfort, but there is a sense of adventure waiting for you on your Borneo trekking holiday.

This is the third largest island in the whole of the world and it plays host to one of the oldest rainforests in the world. This rainforest is said to be over 140 million years old.

The three different nations in Borneo are:

  • Indonesia
  • Brunei
  • Malaysia

All of the individual nations and areas have their own spirit and majesty, but if you are looking for excitement and adventure, this is a destination that will greatly appeal to you.


Sabah, which is located in Malaysian Borneo is one of the most highly respected diving destinations in the world. This is the location of the Sipadan Island which has been hailed as one of the leading diving destinations in the world. It is an also an area that plays host to some of the most interesting and fascinating marine habitats.

There is a 600m vertical drop into the Celebs Sea, which provides a stunning sight and a chance for people to explore. In this region, anyone diving will find that they are often joined by the green turtles of the area.

With Sabah being one of the most highly regarded diving destinations in the world, it can be busy at peak times, which means looking at an alternative diving option in Borneo is a good idea. An area that is popular is Layang Layang, which can be found to the north of Sabah, and this plays host to some of the highest standard of coral fields you will ever come across.


A very popular trek in Borneo takes you via the rainforest to Mount Kinabalu. The peak of this mountain stands at 4093m and it is the tallest peak which lies between New Guinea and the Himalaya. You have the chance to ascend to the summit where many tours are timed to allow travellers to see the sun rising over the mass sprawl of land bellows. This is a two day trek which comes with a fascinating pay-off, making it well worth considering for anyone that wants to see the world in all of its glory.

Borneo is well known for having the chance to see a lot of wildlife up close and in its natural habitat. This may not be what adventure travellers head to the island for but checking out the wildlife can act as a great way to relax or unwind in this part of the world. Having the chance to see hawk-billed turtles or orangutans doesn’t come around too often for many people, so you may want to indulge in this activity while in Borneo.

There are trek and tour options that take you directly into nature, where you will sleep out in the wild. This can add a touch of excitement to a nature trail, and if you want to combine trekking with seeing the very best wildlife, this is likely to be a tour that appeals to you.


While diving and trekking provides people the chance to engage with wildlife in Borneo, some people have a very specific aim in mind when they visit this part of the world. This is because the island of Borneo is recognised as the home of the proboscis monkey, or the monkey which is instantly recognised by its long nose.

This fascinating creature can be found in all three of the nations of Borneo and it is mainly found alongside rivers and in the coastal regions. The proboscis money stays close to water and if you are looking for a sight you will never forget, be sure to look out for the monkeys jumping from tree branches into water below.

If this is a creature that captures your attention and you’d like to learn more about them or see them in their natural habitat, Borneo is the ideal destination.

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