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  • January 29, 2019

4 luxury holiday destinations

4 luxury holiday destinations

  1. Cruise to the Maldives

The term ‘paradise’ gets bandied about with wilful abandon, but when applied to the Maldives, if anything it’s an understatement. There exists no place found on the world map that epitomises luxury travel more eloquently than the Maldives. Defining paradise is tricky, but most would agree that unbeatable weather, perfect white sand, crystal clear warm water and a plethora of vivid, technicolour sea life are high on the list. Opt for a Maldives cruise and you can experience all this and more. The sea, usually resembling a mill pond, never drops below 25 degrees Celsius, making snorkelling, swimming and diving a delight and the lack of crowds, rubbish and noise really do make the Maldives unique. The archipelago of coral islands occupies over 1,000km of the Indian Ocean, which makes it prime cruising territory, affording many wonderful stop-off opportunities.

  1. Adriatic Cruise

Opting for an Adriatic cruise will ensure that you are going to be in for a trip of a lifetime. The romance of Italy and the history, antiquity and dazzle of the Balkan Peninsula will be within grasp, with myriad cultural experiences at every single stop off. This region is definitely best explored by sea, with ports at Venice, Split, Koper, world heritage site Hvar, Zadar among other wonderful cities and towns. Zadar is particularly recommended as a stop off destination. Once heralded as the Venice of the Balkans, it retains an abundance of jewels in the form of churches and cathedrals as well as a glorious art collection. Another must visit is the city of Split, in Croatia. The beauty of the stone houses and UNESCO world heritage site, St Dulmus Cathedral will blow you away.

  1. Sri Lanka

There are few nations more suited to luxury holidays than Sri Lanka. Perfectly straddling the provision of relaxation and cultural diversity, Sri Lanka offers so much that the only problem is deciding what not to do. The street food in Sri Lanka is simply unrivalled, with the jewel in the crown undoubtedly being kottu, which is essentially a spicy, delicious blend of chopped roti, meat and chilli found everywhere in the capital, Colombo. For more typical luxury the beaches are wonderful, surfing options are bountiful and there are dozens of splendid resorts to choose from.

  1. Mauritius

Talking about luxury holidays and not mentioning Mauritius would be reckless, as this once favourite tropical haunt of pirates is replete with white sandy beaches and imposing volcanic mountain backgrounds. It is often seen as the ideal destination for a wedding. A wedding in Mauritius leaves the bride and groom perfectly placed for their honeymoon, whether rest and relaxation or culture are on the agenda. Indian temples, bustling markets, botanic gardens and colonial houses will satisfy the latter and swimming with dolphins, lounging on paradisiac beaches and watching the tropical bird life are delightful ways to while away the days. Mauritius is renowned for great service from Indian, Creole and Chinese folk alike. The luxury of Mauritius is less expensive than people think, which is a real bonus!

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